86% Fans prefer Test Cricket in the MCC Survey

Indian Test Cricket Team

In the period where T20 Cricket is called to be a better format for the game of Cricket, but the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) announed the results of a survey that revealed that a whooping 86% of the Cricket Fans prefer to watch the five-day cricket matches than the one-day cricket.

The survey held in 100 nations with over 13,000 participants arranged by the MCC resulted that 86% fans regardless of what country or age prefer to watch the longer format of Cricket instead of the shorter format including some of them saying Test Cricket is the “Ultimate” form of Cricket.

Most amusing discovery of the survey was that fans aligned the preference as Test Cricket, ODIs, T20Is and last chosen was domestic T20 leagues. The findings of the survey may raise eyebrows against the global cricket administrators including ICC, which believes that T20 is the major reason for the growth of the game of Cricket.

ICC also conducted a similar survey last year which shown the number to be 70% of the 19,000 fans preferring Test Cricket instead of limited-over versions.

The Survey also found that fans provided some improvements to grow Test Cricket as:

  • Addressing the cost and availability of tickets to enable more fans to attend.
  • Increasing access to Test cricket on free-to-air TV.
  • Including half-day tickets to encourage families to attend.

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